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Corroboree of Heart

Corroboree of Heart

Microscopic - Corroboree of Heart examines the heart of Australia. The Olga’s (formations near Uluru) of the red centre are mediating between the heart of the sky (sun) and the heart of the land (Uluru). The texture of the Olga’s is painted with the similar texture of the actual rocks in the national park. The texture of the shadow is linked with the grains of the desert sand/dust/rocks.

Telescopic – The objects are viewed from an aerial point of view again and also from in front, observing the Olga’s on the horizon.

Kaleidoscopic – The style for this artwork is quite mambo but reflects some of Drysdale’s colour and form. In siting this artwork next to ‘Corroboree of Seasons’, this painting’s gradient starts dark in the middle and gets lighter as it goes out. ‘Corroboree of Seasons’ does it the opposite way. I did this because often I find the Australian landscape invites you in, but treats you like a foreigner. I wanted to play with the idea that even though this land is our home, the landscape won't change to welcome us. We feel like foreigners, the shadows adding to that awkwardness in this painting. Still the sun and Uluru are joined together in matrimony in the glaring heat. Heatwaves are coming out of the hot rock and sun, a heart beat coming from the Olga’s. One can see that this painting is referencing these scriptures in Gen 1:9, 14-17.



Acrylic on canvas, 2.2m high x 1.2m wide


Some close-up detail: