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Corroboree of Stone

Corroboree of Stone

Microscopic - Corroboree of Stone is actually a stylised painting of the Pinnacles in Western Australia. The yellow spray and red dots represent the texture of the sand (mixed with pinnacle stone fragments). The golden texture on the dark forms of stone represents richness of mineral found in this land, the circles on the stones displaying dry lichens.

Telescopic – The bright orange lines covering the yellow represent the contour lines of the desert-like landscapes in Australia from a distance or from the air. The grey circlets and white dots represen stones receding into the distance with the late afternoon sun hitting them. The artwork is rotated so that viewers see the actual landscape painting as a map. To turn it the wrong way right, (pun intended), you don’t see the map as clearly, but the assembly of the stones.

Kaleidoscopic – In using colour, pattern, texture and shape in this painting I  wanted to capture a jubilant feel of the stones in the landscape. I played with negative space in my reference and in this painting, leaving out certain rocky features. Australia being rich in mineral and unusual rocky landscapes, I wanted to capture the surreal relationship the rock has with the land.



Acrylic on canvas, 2.2m high x 1.2m wide


Some detail: