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Dreamtime - Art Exhibition

2009 - Exhibition at Manly Village Church:

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Exhibition Space

The Installation .......................... See art works in detail

  • It was challenging to exhibit this series of work due to the size of the pieces, the need for a large space, the difficulty in supporting the heavier than anticipated teabag wings and set it up as an installation, and, working with a limited budget.
  • The exhibition was designed to be an experience; almost theatrical.
  • The Manly Village Church was available and agreed to hold the exhibition and the ambience of an old church with tall ceilings added to the sense of time. It was difficult to hang and set up, but this was overcome using light trees, lighting, large poles, hand sewn backdrops and VB chord. There were no suitable walls for use. The large open venue added to the sense of space which is a dominant feature of the Australian landscape.
  • Visitors came through an entry lined with smaller works which included two painted drumskins which had backlighting illuminating the art.
  • Lighting was used to "stage" the major art works which dominated the large space and set a theatrical scene. Music played in the background - postmodern aboriginal.
  • The Spirit Flight to Dreams installation hung overhead with lighting projecting its shadow on the ceiling.
  • The exhibition encouraged people to sit and dream. As someone said - it took me somewhere else.
  • The opening night was set up using cafe style tables, candlelight, live music with an Australian theme was played, drinks and food were served. It was designed for corroboree - a place to meet.

Please note that photos do not always capture the true colour, lighting or ambience.

Art Church
Sunday Service

Guest book

The Art........................... See art works in detail

  • Work was developed in 2009 as part of the BTh course
  • An exploration of having the invisible speak through the visible; Creator through creation; similarities between Hebrew law and aboriginal law (both respect community and land); reconciliation through the arts and land (bringing together aboriginal and western styles) and daring to dream; spiritual landscape revealed through physical landscape; mediation between elements such as vegetation between land and water, birds between sky and water, rock between sky and land; perceptions of heaven - dreamtime Vs visions of Isaiah, Ezekiel and the book of Revelations.
  • Six large artworks are loosely based on the creation account.
  • Tea bag concept - wings: exploring the transition form the physical to the spiritual - tied to the Spirit in the beginning (Spirit hovered over waters) and as Architect, (Prov 8), Ancient of Days and Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Allusions to wings of angels or eagles (Ex 19 & Is 40). And wings made from teabags is to represent rest, sabbath (restoration) and peace of God; tied to verses about finding shelter in His wings and being in the shadow of His wings. They are also tied to corroboree (meeting place) representing the age of the Holy Spirit and Church.
  • Sunday church service was held in the art space - encouraging people to value corroboree - and marvel at the Creator through creation.

Final Note

As a story teller, the paintings can be grouped into two categories: Old Testament and New Testament. I have told a creation dreamtime/heaven story.

The Old Testament is about man’s ‘Origin’ and ‘Life’ and how to be good stewards of the earth. Hebraic people were big on the ‘Seasons’ and times they lived in (festivals and harvest times).

The New Testament is about the ‘Heart’ of God coming to earth replacing (at Pentecost), at this meeting, our hearts of ‘Stone’ with new ‘Hearts’; giving us His powerful Holy ‘Spirit’ – the River and Tree of Life (and so it continues). I am a storyteller, and it was a privilege to step into this land’s spiritual landscape to see how God lives through it. I believe it is my job as an artist to invite people to see what they wouldn't normally see. These artworks attempt to do so.

Opening Night for the Dreamtime Exhibition held at Manly Village Church

Dreaming Opening Night .........Dreaming
The exhibition open night was a corroboree - a gathering, an experience. Live music based on an Australian theme was played, cafe style seating was provided and guests were served with drinks and finger food. The work instigated much discussion.
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The teabag wings were a highlight for some as they were surpised at what they were made from:

Teabag Wings

The teabag wings are based on scriptures such as soaring on wings like eagles (Isa 40:31), god-speed and protection (Ex 19:4), and finding healing (Mal 4:2), strength, comfort and refuge in or under His wings' shadow (Ps 36:7; 91:4). The shadow of the wings on the ceiling above this exhibition space, was alluding to the Ancient Spirit of this Southland, being the ancient Architect in the beginning (Prov 8:30).

The shadow’s presence - everyone sat under it for a church (corroboree) service and ate under it on open night. The teabags represented the peace and rest of God (as I felt this beautiful image coming upon me again and again when I was on the cusp of burn-out) -, the spiritual and sub-conscious state we find ourselves when making a tea or when actually experiencing peace or rest.

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Dreaming ....


The church venue was transformed into an exhibition space which was large enough to cater for the 2m high works.

Jake Elliot working in the studio

Continung quest - What makes art spiritual?